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Palermo has played an important role in the Mediterranean and European affairs. Founded by the Phoenicians between the 7th and 6th centuries BC is conquered in 254 BC by the Romans and has become the main center of the island. The long history of the city and the succession of numerous civilizations gave it a remarkable artistic and architectural heritage. The Arabic-Norman Palermo serial site and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale, of which most monumental goods are located in the city, was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 2015. Many buildings among churches and palaces in the city have for years been recognized as national monuments in Italy. The plain of Palermo looks out over the Gulf of Palermo and, along with the mountains behind it, forms the "Conca d'Oro" that stretches for about one hundred square kilometers, starting from the reliefs of Bagheria and Villabate and going east to west. The name is associated with the typical golden color of the echoing fruit which in the past covered the whole area.

Interesting places to visit in Palermo include:

- Cappella Palatina
- Cattedrale di Palermo
- Duomo di Monreale

Halfway between the beautiful beach of Mondello and the charming city of Palermo, the location offers all the comforts you need to make your stay unforgettable in the city.

Nearby locations include:

- Cefalù, (1 hour drive) dominated by an amazing Cathedral
- San Vito Lo Capo, (1.4 hours' drive) famous for its beaches that reminds you Caribbean islands
- Pollina, ( 1.2 hours' drive) famous for its holiday village
- Castelbuono, (m 1.22 hours' drive) a very nice medieval village known all over the world for the panettone Fiasconaro
- Erice, (1.4 hours' drive) known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy
- Trapani (1.22 hours' drive)
- Agrigento. (2.50 hours' by train) famous for its Valle dei Templi, a very important archeological Greek site.


A typical day will start with breakfast and a two or three-hour lesson in the morning. Lunch is usually followed by excursions in Palermo and the surrounding area. Participants will continue speaking Italian outside the apartment, practicing their newly acquired skills with the people they meet and sharing views on what they see and do. Italian film viewings at home or cinema nights can be organized in the evenings.


Guests will stay in a big double room with a private bathroom, patio and garden to relax. The apartment is spacious and comfortable and guests are encouraged to share the living room and the kitchen with the family.

Individuals: 1,450.00 Euros per week
Couples: xx 2,450.00 Euros per week
Family of 3: 3,300.00 Euros per week

The House

guest double bedroom


our farm

our cows

Contact Lucia if you want to stay at Lina

My name is Lina and I'm 55. I live in Palermo with my son Alessandro, 26, who is an agricultural manager. My son Andrea, 29, lives and works in London. Our family owns an organic farm, 70 km far from Palermo, in which we produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil and fresh and tasty cheeses (tuma/primosale, pecorino, salted ricotta, fresh ricotta, caciocavallo), made with the milk of our sheep and goats.
I'm a very sociable person and I like to exchange my experiences with all my hosts.
I love teaching taking my students sightseeing, art and history or going with them to the beach swimming and looking the wonderful landscape of Mondello beach and Monte Pellegrino. I like cooking so I would like to teach you how to cook typical Sicilian dishes as "Pasta al forno, panino panelle e crocchè, sarde a beccafico, arancine" and many other Sicilian and Italian specialities.

Teatro Massimo a Palermo



Prices include:

- Three hours of Italian lessons every day and all learning materials, nearby excursions, visits to wineries, cinema and museums tickets, overnight accommodation with full board,
- Cleaning of your bedroom and bathroom once a week, laundry once a week, wi-fi.

- One day trip to Cefalù or Erice
- Trips and excursions in the beautiful surroundings of Palermo (Mondello, Sferracavallo, Monte Pellegrino and many others)
- Transport to and from Palermo's airport and Lina's or Alessandro's time every day, are also included.

Additional costs

One day trips to one of the nearby locations:

- 100 Euros per person
- 180 Euros per couple
- 250 Euros per 3 people

One day trips to the organic farm and the termal waters of Sclafani Bagni:

- 100 Euros per person
- 180 Euros per couple
- 250 Euros per 3 people

One day trips fees include: return journey, visit to the most typical landmarks of the town, museum tickets and audio-guides, transport and lunches.

our old kitchen with the original wood oven

xxxxxxguest bathroom


making ricotta cheese

our horses