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Concerts on the Isle of San Giulio on Lake of Orta and in Stresa on Lake Maggiore.

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Early September 2018 - Festa dell'Uva

The biggest event in Borgomanero is the annual appointment with the "Festa dell'Uva" (Grape Feast): a group of cultural, folk and sports events which take place in September and last about ten days. Many bands perform on stage in the main square and clowns, jugglers and waders brighten up the main streets. The feast begins with the arrival, at the railway station, of the local stock characters: Sciura Togna and her servant Carulena (stringently role-played by two men in female clothes) and ends with the traditional parade of carnival floats whose leading theme is the grape harvest. The night before the main streets turn into big dining rooms. Very long tables are prepared for all those citizens who want to eat "polenta e tapulone", the local dish, served with "gorgonzola" and our delicious local wines.

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June 2018 - Santa Cristina - Borgomanero "Cascinarmangiando"

Eno-gastronomic walk on the hills of Santa Cristina

...old courtyards where time is ageless, the peace of our woods, the ancient vineyards, the green fields and fresh springs, the perfume of the past times...

the Association of "Terre della Croatina" is proud to offer this enjoyable rediscovery's day: recipes and places of the "agricultural society of Santa Cristina". Walking through woods and vineyards, still grown with traditional methods, you will be able to appreciate the wonderful landscape of this green corner in the province of Novara. You will taste the delicious and natural food still prepared with traditional methods and different kind of wines from the surrounding area.


August 2018

Seven fascinating fireworks shows between lakes and mountains, seven events not to be missed: from Lake Maggiore to Lake Orta, till the Ossola Valleys, these summer nights will be enriched with lights, colours and tones, proposed by the best international fireworks companies.


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