Penelope convinced me to add a page on my website where everybody interested in my homestay and teaching can read testimonials from my students so I am starting with hers.... hoping in a participation by the next ones!

For anyone who is serious about learning Italian this is indeed the most effective if not the only way to learn or improve your skills. There are no shortcuts to learning a language, but you can make it quicker and more enjoyable by immersing yourself entirely within a friendly and encouraging environment, thus forcing yourself to speak. Lucia's Home Stay is the best, most convenient and cost effective way to learn Italian. She is an experienced bilingual teacher, who not only provides a high level of teaching but also maintains a friendly environment within her home, where after lessons you get to put into practice what you have just learnt. Having already learnt French I knew the importance of practice… you need to speak and Lucia certainly makes you gain your confidence and progress quickly. Also having a professional teacher on hand to clarify and help when questions arise is a true luxury. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lucia's Home stay to anyone really serious about learning Italian, from beginners to advanced level, but also to anyone wanting to explore a beautiful picturesque region of Italy and gain an understanding of a fantastic culture.
Penelope Guthrie
New Zealander living in Paris

When I decided to improve my Italian, I was looking for a method to combine rapid progress with a pleasant holiday. I was lucky indeed in getting Lucia's coordinates, as at that time she just occasionally hosted students. Now this has changed, as I have learned, and for good reasons! Myself, having spent a first week with her, I went back for a second one the next spring, and I have to say that this was the begin of a success story, both for me and her. As far as I am concerned, I could have written this testimonial in Italian as well, and in fact I am proud of my knowledge of the language today. As for her, I understand her home stays have become quite popular.
Staying at Lucia's is like becoming a true Italian. You would not only get tailor-made lessons, but also become a member of the family, meeting her friends, participating in the social and cultural life, making excursions and having fun. It is exactly that mix that will bring you forward.
What I found with Lucia is a most efficient and at the same time most agreeable way to improve my language skills. Whether you need Italian as a businessperson or as a student or whether you simply want to experience the language as part of the Italian culture, you will take enormous profit from a home stay at Lucia's, and you will certainly have a good time in Borgomanero and its marvelous surroundings. And maybe you will also find a friend in Lucia, as I did.
Roland Grossenbacher, from Switzerland

I went to stay with Lucia for two weeks. I hope I'll get back there. Lucia and her friends/family are FABULOUS! You're welcomed into her home and included in everything she does. She is very flexible with her teaching and adapts what she covers to your level and needs. For me, the best part of my time with Lucia was her willingness to share Italy with me. I let her know what I'm interested in, and she arranged for us to go to wine tastings, vineyards etc. It was all about the things I'd travelled to see, fantastic!

I visited Lucia in the last summer for one week. The few days that I spent with her were very useful for my Italian study. Lucia was very generous with me, I felt that I was in my house, she is very gentle and concerned, she all the time prepared worksheets for me for practicing the Italian language and she was very patient to listen to me when I talked with her in italian. I met also Lucia's friends, they are very nice and welcoming, they invited us to dinner and we spent a lovely time with them. I hope that the next year I will visit her again, because now she is not just a teacher but also a friend.
Sausan Saba

I stayed with Lucia for two weeks. I wanted to live in an Italian family and experience "total immersion" in the Italian language. It is not very often in life that reality mirrors the dreams but I can say, without reservation, that Lucia made my stay totally fulfilling. She could not have done more to make my stay unforgettable. The trips out were marvellous, too, since there are so many beautiful places to see.
I thoroughly recommend a stay with her but book early!
Rachel Munro
from Exeter - England

Hi - I came from Melbourne for the three week immersion program and a holiday. It's been wonderful. Everything that Lucia mentions on her website happened and much much more. It's a great way to improve your communication in Italian and to see this fantastic province of Novara. By the 3rd week I think I was saying a lot more in Italian than the 1st week. We did lessons everyday and of course had opportunities to speak with the locals in all kind of situations - the post office, the bars, shops, banks, etc.
Lucia is a very patient teacher and translated whenever I didn't understand. She's a great cook and provided a different dinner nearly every night! We went on many local excursions as there is so much to see nearby especially around the two lakes.
Trains or buses to Novara, Milan and Arona is easy if you want to head off by yourself.
I'm sure you'll love it as much as I love. Hopefully I'll be back again in the future. Ciao!
Kay Stevens - Melbourne

Lucia is a gracious, hard working, caring and attentive tutor. But, more than that, she becomes your friend/sister in Italy.
Linda Kreithen - Allentown, Pa, U.S.A

I have truly enjoyed my week here in Borgomanero with Lucia. She has been a fantastic host and I have learnt a lot during my stay. It is undoubtedly the best way to become accustomed to speaking a foreign language and I can't recommend an experience like this enough. It's like a home from home. The food and attention to detail have been great. I will have many good memories: open-air cinema, the lakes, the walk in the mountains.
E' stata davvero una settimana indimenticabile!
Ciao e a presto!
Oliver Stanyon - London, UK

Ciao Lucia, era bellissimo, il tempo con te. Era molto bellissimo stare al lago con te e con Giulia. Sono triste che il tempo con te è gia passato. Un grosso abbraccio!
Fabienne Storkle

I am the mother of Fabienne and I just share her opinion. It was very interesting and Lucia is a very friendly and competent person!
Karin Storkle

The past ten days have flown by, with interesting discussions, fun and laughter, half in English, half Italian, but more in Italian as we slowly progressed. The lessons moved fast for us, but as we learnt more, the language began to make sense.
Lucia seems to have endless energy; as we host students in England we know how tiring it can be, but she combines her roles at work, as a mother as a friend and as a host seamlessly integrating them into her life, so that the experience here is not simply seeing the area, encountering her friends, experiencing the Italian way of life, enjoying her food and sharing recipes and learning the Italian language, it is - most unforgettably - Lucia herself.
Memorable moments:
- discovering what "al fresco" means in Italian
- eating freshly made liquorice ice cream
- lying on our backs at the top of a mountain, gasping at the shooting stars
- driving through a restaurant in a piazza with Lucia asking the waiter for directions
- swimming in Lago d'Orta (over and over again)
- joining in at the concerts (serate) at local "feste".
Grazie per tutto, Lucia, come and visit us in York, and I'm sure we'll be back every time we have the excuse to brush up our Italian.
Ciao, Ruth & Alan Roberts - York - England - (beginners)

The past three weeks have been fantastic - a wonderful experience for better than I had imagined. Lucia has been great, patient, friendly and with a seemingly endless supply of energy. I have learned so much and feel much more confident in speaking Italian and I certainly hope to return in the next - too distant - future. This is a beautiful part of Italy and I will take away so many memories.
Lucia, I can't thank you enough!
Paul Ransom - Stratford St.Mary - Colchester - UK

Right from the start, Lucia made me feel relaxed and at home here in her apartment. She is a most caring and thoughtful host for whom nothing is too much trouble. She has looked after my every need and cooked me beautiful and interesting meals. As a teacher, she is gently encouraging. She chats in a relaxed and natural way on all sorts of topics and, if I don't understand she repeats more slowly, or explains as necessary. Two weeks here have really helped me a lot with my Italian and, although it is nowhere near as good as I would like it to be, improvements are thanks to her patient and discerning teaching. I came here with the idea of improving my Italian. Little did I know what a wonderful time I would have exploring this region with Lucia as my guide. We've been to so many different and interesting places that it's hard to pick out one highlight, but lying on top of Mottarone with the sun on our faces and the world at our feet is surely high on the list. Lucia has been more than a host and teacher. She has become a friend whom I very much hope to see again in the future. Grazie mille!
Barbara Beaumont - Melbourne - Australia -

What a wonderful week! Lucia has been a great teacher. She has encouraged me to speak more and more. I have learned a lot from all the exercises. Despite the fact that I have already seen much of the area, Lucia has made a great effort to come up with new things to see. The food has been great. Delicious things I've never tasted before. Ciao! A presto.
Paula McManus - Washington DC

What a wonderful week! Lucia is truly a phenomenon, the perfect host, tour guide, chef and teacher. Her knowledge of the area and vast number of friends gave me so many opportunities to talk to many different people and see many new things. Everything was tailored to the pace I wanted and it was a lot of fun as well as a great learning experience. We talked for hours about everything under the sun and Lucia seems to know exactly when to correct you and when to let you talk. My understanding improved a lot without any real effort on my part.
Grazie mille Lucia, non dimenticherò mai questa settimana.
Paul Hunt - Norwich UK

This is the second time that I visit Lucia for studying Italian and making journeys in the area. She is very generous, very helpuful. I enjoy speaking with her and eating her food and listening to her advices. I write to her and she corrects my mistakes. Without her I will never continue with the studying.
Thank you Lucia for everything.
Sausan - Haifa

Lucia has been very kind and patient with me. Italian is so very hard to learn, but I will keep trying. The lakes and friends of Lucia have all been very interesting and apart from the awful weather, I have had a lovely time and hope to return in the future.
Grazie mille
Eve Archer - Birmingham - UK

What a terrific week! Lucia is a fantastic host, guide and teacher. I really enjoyed meeting her friends and family. The trips to the lakes were the best. Lucia remains incredibly patient with the language errors, even as I get frustrated! It's an experience I would love to repeat.
Grazie mille
Colleen Weaverling - Louisville - Colorado USA

I only spent 3 days with Lucia but somehow I had marvellous experience! Speaking Italian with Lucia did remind me of many words, expressions that I learned long time ago. Thanks to her I know that I am capable to do something more with my Italian, that I really want continue learning, speaking and who knows what I could do in the future with such beautiful language. Thank you Lucia for having me around, showing me the beauty of the Nord, cooking me delicious Italian food, and letting me listen your daughter singing:). Come and taste the Nord with Lucia, one of the best things I have in life. Hope to see you again in near future.
Ika Nurhayati - Jakarta - Indonesia

2nd visit August 16-23. We just had to come back for more as we had forgotten so much over the year. We had another great time, more enjoyable trips to mountains and lakes and healthy food. We are becoming fans of Roberto's band now! Lucia teaches Italian very well but she should not confuse the words 'entrata' and 'uscita' when entering shops! Thanks to Tino, Marisa, Luigi, Fortunata and Margherita for company and good Italian practice.
Ruth & Alan Roberts

The past week has been an incredible learning curve for me. I arrived at Milan airport full of apprehension about the coming week: I need not to have worried. Lucia has been so welcoming. She is a wonderful hostess and her ability as a tour guide is amazing! I spent several evenings with her friends and family and Lucia always knew when I needed an interpreter! The Italian programme I followed was completely based on my individual needs. Lucia has a relaxed, but very structured teaching style. She was always prepared. Imagine my surprise, when she produced a sheet of written exercises, while we were waiting for a ferry on Lake Maggiore!
Grazie mille Lucia. Alla prossima volta.
Ruth Wagstaffe - Lymington, UK

For a few years already, the wondrous Lago Maggiore lake has been my usual vacation destination, but this time I decided to come to Italy with a goal to dramatically improve my language skills as well. The two winter weeks that I stayed here in Borgomanero proved to be the most amazing and useful time that I've ever spent on vacation, thanks to the teaching abilities, hospitality and total dedication of Lucia, who took every effort to make my stay as pleasant and trouble-free as only possible (which would include, of course, the great food that I enjoyed at her home). The extensive lessons in Italian that I've received from her, as well as meeting the family and friends of Lucia greatly improved my knowledge of the language and helped me to better understand and communicate with people around here, and on top of everything, during all kinds of trips in this beautiful part of the country, that she would take take me to (and introduce to, with an avid expertise), I've managed to make tons of pictures and video-recordings of the most incredible landscapes and places around Borgomanero (even the fantastic weather during most of my stay seemed to have been arranged by her!)
Grazie mille per tutto, Lucia, e arrivederci!
Valery Kritchallo - Delft - The Netherlands

It had been my dream for so many years to visit Italy and it finally came true. I didn't expect to find such an amazing host when I applied for Homestay. Lucia has been incredible, so patient and kind and so very generous. Nothing ever was too much trouble for her. We spent the most awesome weekend in the mountains I was so overwhelmed with their beauty. Our numerous visits to the Lakes and castles and islands. The fantastic weather. Lucia I can't thank you enough for making my time in Italy so spectacular. I will never ever forget it, or you. There have been just so many incredible moments, times with your friends. Yummy dinners. I have been so blessed. If I ever get the chance I would return to enjoy more of this beautiful country. Thank you for teaching me your language. I only learned a little as I was too busy to enjoy this gorgeous place. My fault entirely. Thank you again, Lucia, you are a beautiful person and deserve the best in life.
Jennie Kriwopischin - Perth, Australia

Queste tre settimane passate con Lucia sono state stupende! Lucia è generosa, premurosa e sempre alegre. Le visite alle isole, ai laghi, al castello, etc. sono state proprio bellissime... la natura e i luoghi sono straordinari! Lucia è una persona meravigliosa e mi sento beata di aver potuto conoscere tutti i suoi amici e la sua famiglia! E' stato un vero piacere! Lucia, grazie per tutto: la tua cucina, le visite, la tua ospitalità, il tuo aiuto con gli esercizi e l'anello! Sei stata fantastica e mi mancherai! Grazie per tutto, thank you for everything et merci pour tout!
Ringrazio Mara, Roberto, Alberto, Claudio, Vanna e Arianna per la loro ospitalità e gentilezza!
Anina - Paris, France

I have enjoyed my second stay here every bit as much as my first, my only regret being that it was shorter. I have really enjoyed swimming in Lake Orta and being taken to lovely places, mostly new to me, but at my request, including a return visit to the beautiful Villa Taranto. Lucia is unfailingly kind, generous and thoughtful. Under her gentle guidance my Italian continues to improve. I look forward to another visit one day.
Barbara Beaumont - Melbourne - Australia

Due settimane con Lucia... Mi è piaciuta la sua pazienza, la sua disponibilità. E' sempre pronta a fare un favore. Ho scoperto una regione diversa e le due camminate in montagna staranno nella memoria. Ho scoperto Vanna e Terry che mi hanno ricevuto gentilmente. Ho scoperto la piadina e Lucia ha scoperto il "taboulé". Ho capito che la grammatica e il vocabolario italiani sono ancora più difficili di quanto credevo. Grazie al Professor Grammaticus! Non sarò diventata bilingue, non ho la "musica" della lingua italiana ma ho fatto progressi, almeno lo credo! Grazie Lucia e sai che la mia casa ti è aperta!
Jacqueline - Francia

Dear Lucia, coming to Italy to learn italian with you was the best decision I've ever made. From your response to my first email, I immediately understood that you would do the utmost to provide me with the best language learning experience. Lucia you even went the extra mile! The tours and visits, almost every day, to the markets, castles, Candelo, Biella, the Mottarone, the lake region, even as far as Premia in the north will forever remain with me.
Your knowledge not only of italian, but also of the area of Novara astounded me. You corrected my italian but always explained the rule by giving examples making learning fun.
What a joy to meet your family and friends who also contributed to my learning. I leave Italy with wonderful stories to tell to all who will listen.
You are a precious gem! Just know that you will be welcome with open arms in our home! Ci sentiamo!

Je te remercie Lucia pour l'effort que tu as mis à m'enseigner l'italièn. Toutes nos discussions m'ont beaucoup aidé à m'exprimer plus aisément. De plus, j'ai énormement apprécié toutes les excursions que nous avons faites ensemble. Tu connais très bien ta région; on voit que tu aimes nous montrer ses plus précieux bijoux.
Quelle joie d'avoir rencontrer ta famille et tes amis qui m'ont accueille et avec qui j'ai pu converser.
Grazie mille! Suzanne Linton - Canada

Che bella settimana! I have very much enjoyed my time here with Lucia. The trip was everything and more than I hoped for... Lucia is patient, kind, thoughtful and enthusiastic. I was enchanted by Lake Orta, marveled by the sights around Stresa and thrilled by live Celtic music in Arona. A highlight for me was an amazing hike with Lucia and her two delightful friends, Marisa and Brunella, up to the wondrous vista of Mount Rosa, from Alagna. Although I am still a beginner in Italian, Lucia prepared exercises custom made for my level, and spoke slowly to accomodate my "conoscenza di italiano". Mille grazie per tutto, Lucia. Sincerely
Oksana - Canada

I had been studying Italian and had reached a point where I felt the need to immerse myself in both the language and culture. I stumbled upon Lucia's website and this proved to be the best thing that could have happened to me because I immediately booked a week's stay in Borgomanero. Lucia is most definitely the "hostess with the mostest" because she did everything possible to ensure that my stay would not only be fruitful in terms of improving my language skills but that also it would be a week that I would remember. I learned more in one week with her than I ever would have done in a year in a classroom. Not only did she teach me so much but she also had incredible patience, passion and a boundless energy that was inspirational in pushing me along. Every day was different, exploring lakes Orta and Maggiore and a trip to Milan as well as meeting family, friends and local people.

A few of the highlights were:

Chatting away during the 18km walk above lake Orta with 110 Italians and enjoying the wonderful home produced food on offer.

Strolling in the sunshine around Sacre Monte looking down on the beautiful Isola San Julio.

Climbing to the top of Milan cathedral and enjoying the views.

Sitting on a secluded step in the gardens of Isola Madre munching paninis while doing Italian exercises.

To finish I would like to thank you Lucia from the bottom of my heart for such a fantastic week. You've given me the confidence to carry on with my studies. I never realised that learning could be so much fun until I went to Borgomanero. I hope to get back to see you soonissimo.
Richard - England

We have really enjoyed our week in Italy. Staying with Lucia has been a great way to discover the local sites and learn Italian. We feel our learning has been much better than had we just taken regular lessons back home. Lucia has been very patient and helped us understand. Lucia is a great cook and we have enjoyed the food she has prepared.
Thank you very much for a memorable holiday!
Naomi & Nathanial John - Cornwall - UK

To say "thank you" is not enough... you have been so very kind, so patient, so welcoming in every way, and for you I am determined to improve my Italian so that maybe when we next meet I shall make more sense to you...
Lyn - England

Grazie mille Lucia. I will write in English so all other future guests can understand what a privilege it has been for me to spend this week with you. After studying Italian for many years this was the best opportunity ever to improve. I loved talking to you and appreciated the way you corrected me. This immersion was fabulous and I wish I could spend a month with you and speak like a native... ha ha! You are the perfect hostess who thinks of everything. I enjoyed all the trips, meals and yes, the lessons. This part of Italy is very beautiful.
E' stata una settimana ottima!
Andreina Spitzer - Chicago - Illinois

Andreina and I felt we knew you before we came, and it was so true. Everything was wonderful and so well planned especially our "intense" lessons that helped so much! The lessons were tailored to our weaknesses and were a great help. The journeys around this beautiful area were fantastic and the weather cooperated for all but one day really. I would definitely like to come again. My speaking ability still needs work and I will work on that dutifully, in the months to come. We hope if you come to Illinois we can host you in our home.
Mille grazie!
Jan Walcott - Lake Bluff - Illinois

Lucia, grazie mille per tre settimane bellissime. I've had such a great time here in Borgomanero. Great Italian lessons, I've seen fantastic places, eaten great food and met with great people. Thank you so much for showing me Italia, and thank you for being you :)
I hope we'll meet again, and please give me a call if you want to come to Norway, I'll show you around. For now... "vaaaabè"
Lydia - Norway

This is my third visit and this time my partner came too so that he could enjoy seeing this beautiful part of the country while experiencing Lucia's hospitality. I've been to more beautiful places, and some old favourites, and of course have kept working hard to improve my Italian. Grazie mille, Lucia,
Barbara & Trevor - Australia

Dear Lucia, thank you for two amazing weeks here in Borgomanero! I really enjoyed all the trips and meeting your family and friends. You are a great cook, a patient teacher and a caring and wonderful host. I will never forget the hikes, swimming + the boat trips at Lago d'Orta and il gelato a Milano :)
Grazie mille!
Gefion - Germany

This is my second visit. My daughter Joanna came with me this time and has thoroughly enjoyed herself! Lucia is a wonderful hostess, tour guide and teacher. We both felt our Italian has improved so much. Each lesson has been based on our individual needs and during the day we could include the point of the lesson in our conversation - gently guided by Lucia!
Ruth - England

Grazie Lucia per una settimana stupenda! We have learnet so much, eaten well, had so much fun and you have made us feel at home throughout. Hope to see you in England soon - you're welcome to visit us anytime.
We'll be back!
:)Grazie mille! Alla prossima volta, baci
Joanna - England

Cara Lucia sono contenta:
di aver fatto tutti questi cinque giorni in casa tua
di aver fatto tutti questi bei giri nella tua bella regione
di aver incontrato Mara e Roberto i tuoi figli
di aver incontrato Anna tua sorella
di aver fatto i miei compiti anche per la Danimarca
insomma di averti incontrato
Grazie mille, Un giorno ritornerò. Un abbraccio
Grethe - Denmark

Thank you so much for planning a week of activities and lessons that more than met my expectations. I have studied Italian for many years but still consider myself a mid level intermediate student and I was in need of an extensive grammar review and conversation. In addition, I am a vegetarian which, I think, posses a problem for someone to prepare interesting meals for me. Another unusual item is that I wanted to explore ancient civilizations. You more than met my expectations in all three areas. Your gentle way of teaching and your ability to stay in lesson mode as long as I desired was remarkable. The meals you prepared were absolutely to my liking, The trip to the Archaeological Museum in Sesto Calende opened my eyes to life in the area 3000 years ago! In addition, I want to thank you for the trips to Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta and to Ricetto di Candelo, the wonderful medieval borgo that is so well preserved. Finally I want to complement you on the wonderful home you have, immaculately clean and very private with my own bathroom. Wow. I hope I can return again, I enjoyed myself so much!
Dennis - USA

A wonderful glimpse into the Italian way of life in this fascinating and delightful part of the country.
Thank you.
Sue - England

Cara Lucia, I knew from the minute I booked this holiday it would be unforgettable. I was looking forward to it so much and I wasn't disappointed. I have enjoyed every minute of it, the lessons, the trip and the laughs we had. I am just sorry it has been so short. You have the patience of a saint. It is certainly the best way to learn Italian. I think I have learned a lot, I just need to put it into practice. I will certainly be coming back, and I have no hesitation in recommending this type of holiday. Nothing was too much trouble for you. It is the best holiday I have had in a long time.
Grazie mille.
Rosemary - Glasgow

Grazie mille, Lucia. Questa settimana è stata meravigliosa. You are a wonderful hostess and teacher. How can you be so patient? It was refreshing to visit so many lakes and castles. Piemonte is a beautiful area. Lago d'Orta is beautiful. It is a hidden jewel of Italy. Thanks for showing me the beauties of Lake Mergozzo, the Santuario di Oropa and Isola Bella. It was a privilege to have you as a guide.
You, too, are a hidden jewel in Piemonte!
Kathleen - USA

Lucia has been very kind and patient with me. I was very nervous as I am very shy but she has made me feel at home and tailored the holiday to my need. Meeting her family and friends was wonderful. I was a bad student and preferred to listen and experience the Italian life rather than do the lessons. But that was my choice! Lucia kept trying gently to persuade me to take lessons (and even to make it fun with games) Unfortunately I brought the bad weather with me but it was still a wonderful experience. I would and will definitely recommend Lucia to anyone studying this beautiful language.
Grazie mille Lucia
Geri - England

When I looked at Lucia's website, I had a strong feeling that I would like her not just as a teacher but also as a person. And my feeling was exactly right. Lucia is funny, smart and energetic. She appreciates and loves nature - mountains, lakes, trees, flowers, animals. Her town, Borgomanero, has many charms, including a wonderful pizza place owned by her friends. Lucia was so generous by including me with her family on Christmas Day and with her friends on New Year's Eve. She was thoughtful in offering ma food I like and went out of her way every day in many different ways.The trips we took were wonderful - to Milan, Oropa, Lago d'Orta, Sacro Monte, etc. She took me to stores so I could buy items such as wool, gloves and books. And we had fun no matter what we did. As a teacher, Lucia is fantastic. Very patient and well-prepared. She seemed to really enjoy working with me on grammar exercises. The days were a nice mix of meals, Italian lessons, walks and trips to nearby places. Using songs to help me learn the language and the culture, Lucia introduced me to several famous singers from the 40s and later. My friends said they were jealous that I was going to Italy, and they have reason to be!
I recommend staying with Lucia, and I plan to return. Hopefully I will continue working on my Italian in the meantime.
Thank you, Lucia, for a most memorable and enjoyable holiday.
P.S. - I must not forget to mention that I appreciated her cooking with organic foods. Even though I may have overdone the desserts (but who can resist such wonderful sweets?), I still ate very healthily and was introduced to dishes of this region. Everything was delicious.
Grazie mille
Michele - South Virginia

I only want to confirm all the best things were written on previous pages about Lucia and to deny any criticism (if ever was expressed) about her. Lucia's methods of teaching Italian language, her cooking skills, hospitality, all these deserve the highest praise. I have spent with her two very rainy weeks and enjoyed every moment of it. My mother tongue is Russian, so I apologize for my English.
Julia - Chicago, USA

My dear friend Lucia, this has been "davvero" what can only be described as a rare experience. I came as a stranger and leave as a friend. Like the other "ospiti", I just don't know how you do it! You are simply an incredible teacher - patient, alert, sensitive, encouraging, etc. My head is full of verbs, pronouns, double pronouns, memories of Orta e l'Isola Bella, stories of your life, your children. This has been a wonderful week. I believe my Italian has improved immensely. But alas! my waistline has expanded immensely also. Thank you for all your kindness.
Maura - Ireland

Thank you very much for giving me such a memorable time in Italy. I really enjoyed the lessons - your approach to teaching the language was just right! Your meals and the outings were very much appreciated too.
Grazie mille
Gill - Qld, Australia

Lucia, you are a marvel of patience, a fine teacher and good company. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you - lessons, outings, food. I only wish we would have gone swimming, perhaps another time. Sei molto gentile.
Marged - Philadelphia

Lucia, thank you so much for your kindness, patience and warmth! I think it has been a privilege to spend this week with you. Both Steve and I enjoyed spending time with you and going on trips to little towns and seeing hidden jems in the woods. Italian language seems to me now even more beautiful!
Galina - Canada

Lucia, thank you so much for making my week so memorable. I have loved being immersed into the italian way of life. Although I am still hesitant at speaking Italian, I have been so pleased at how much I could understand when you spoke it. You are a wonderful teacher and I really appreciated you being able to explain things to me in my own language too. You have looked after my every need and made each day special. Nothing has been too much trouble and I want you to know how much I have valued it. Our escursions to Stresa, Mergozzo, Lake Orta and Milan were fantastic! It has been a real tonic to be away from the stresses of everyday life. Thank you Lucia.
Jackie - England

This is the best value in an educational Italian holiday! My prime intention for this trip was to learn the language, however Lucia provides the complete package in every possible way: lessons, meals, day trips all included. Most important for me, the structure of her teaching is so sound, so correct and she is kind, persistent, but constantly finding new challenges for the student. The area around Borgomanero is absolutely charming, fresh, clean and very, very beautiful. Thank you Lucia.
Carlien - West Australia

I have spent nine memorable days with Lucia and I feel very fortunate. Lucia is very kind and gracious with the patience of a saint. I feel that I know the area much better and like other places in Italy it is truly breathtaking. Lucia has improved my language skills and I must keep practising! Tanti auguri.
Imelda - UK

Tante grazie, Lucia! This stay with you, though much too short, was everything I hoped and you promised it would be. I feel very fortunate to have met you, and I have learned new and reinforced prior learnings in Italian. You have a wonderful outlook on life, and the places we visited together will stay with me a long time. Thank you for your hospitality, food, gracious corrections and a new friendship.
Nancy - Alberta

Tante grazie for everything Lucia! I could not have asked for a better hostess. I immensely enjoyed all the lessons and all the excursions we went on. I never would have immagined that we would go so many places in four weeks! Your cooking was delicious and your family and friends were delightful. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and including me in all of your activities. You are an amazing person and you live in such a beautiful part of the world. I can't wait to come back to Italy in a few years and explore more of your beautiful country. Ciao!
Chelsea - Vancouver Island

E' stato un piacere averti conosciuto...To use this phrase is clearly an understatement! The whole week has been truly wonderful, starting with the walk to 'see' Montalbano and ending with the breathtaking Lago Maggiore! Some serious study too of course; I really enjoyed our discussions about language. Thank you for your attention to detail (meticulous preparation of the exercises!) and personal touches (creams and plasters for the mosquitos for example!) Non vedo l'ora di ritornare! A presto.
Liz - UK

Cara Lucia! I cannot believe 2 weeks have passed by so quickly. I arrived in great fear and trepidation but you have made me feel so at home. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful outings, concerts, meeting friends and your interesting family too. Thank you for EVERYTHING. My stay with you will remain always with me and I hope to remain friends. If ever you come to England you would be more than welcome to stay with me. I do feel so much more confident now with my written Italian though I am well aware of my poor attempts at speaking your wonderfully musical language. I loved your lessons. Hard work but fun! Tante grazie, Lucia.
Avril - England

I don't know where to begin! This past week with you has allowed me to not only advance my language skills, but to experience life in Italy as an Italian (if only honorary!) Your lessons are designed in a way that allows one to learn so much in a short period of time. They combine and compound on one another, providing the reinforcement one needs. I especially appreciated my lesson on the train to Torino! Lessons aside, our trips together were absolutely amazing - Lago d'Orta (my absolute favourite), Torino (don't go on Tuesday - many museums are closed!), Milano, and various outings around Lago Maggiore. I loved that everything was tailored to my interests.
If teacher and tour guide were not enough, you were also a fantastic hostess. I felt at home immediately. Everything I could have possibly needed was provided for me (including the panettone!)
Thank you for allowing me to spend time with your family as well - un caffè with your daughter, dinner with both of your children, pizza with your sister - they all added to the experience.
I appreciated our conversations on life, work and politics. I leave Italy tomorrow having made a new friend. I hope I am able to return soon so we can enjoy this beautiful area together in the warmth! A presto e grazie mille.
Jessica - Massachusetts

Dear Lucia, it has been a very intense learning experience for me. Every minute was full of so much information. My brain is saturated. The experience is only the beginning of my learning, it now will continue and I will write you so you can see I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much.
Gail - USA

Lucia, this has been a fantastic experience for me. At the outset I doubted I would make much progress, having no italian to begin with. Yet today at lunch with your friends I managed to (more or less) hold a conversation and understand even more. So I regard that as a huge success. The icing on the cake was the effort you made to make me feel so welcome and at ease and to include me in your life for three weeks. I so enjoyed our walks! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and those who follow me here will have a charming guide to bring it all to life. Finally, many thanks for introducing me to your local recipes. They were delicious. I hope the sun shines for the rest of your summer. All the best.
Frances - GB

Everything that everyone else has said is true. Lucia is a gifted teacher who never gives up. She has amazing energy and patience and is truly interested to see progress. She never missed a single opportunity to teach me or to help me. I have had a wonderful week. The area is great and so beautiful. Honestly nothing could have been better! I hope that I will return again, I have learned so much! Thank you for all of your efforts and kindness. I will remember this special week always.
Jane - GB

Lucia, you have changed my life! I came to hear a little Italian (you were very patient with a poor student!), but I have learnt much, much more. You are a wonderful teacher and guide and I have enjoyed every minute of my time spent with you. Visits to the lakes, mountains, shopping, cooking (watching you!) and everything we experienced was "perfetto". I will remember all my life. Grazie Lucia xxx
Celia - Kent, England

The week has flown by. I have visited interesting places and been shown endless patience as I made the same mistakes yet again! Nothing is too much trouble for Lucia as she makes you so welcome. I really appreciate that as it must have been difficult with you not feeling well. It has been a wonderful experience - which I hope to repeat in the future.
Shelagh - UK

Thank you so much, Lucia. Grazie Tantissimo! Lucia has incredible patience and years of experience teaching individuals from all over the world. She is warm and welcoming, truly sincere and always willing to share her genuine thoughts about people, topics and beliefs. As long as you are an amenable person, she is happy to discuss anything - and agree to disagree. Even though (I consider myself) rather impatient, perfectionistic and particular, she adapted to my learning needs and interests. This included:
- studying the pronunciation of opera arias and 17th century italian songs
- creating or finding a resource for prepositions upon request
- visiting the Opera House of BOTH Milano and Torino
- having dinner at a most wonderful "una stella" restaurant, even when it doesn't fully get with her life philosophy or personal beliefs
- allowing me to meet her friend (who is a primary school teacher) over wine, even when my Italian is still troppo orribile(!!!)
She is too humble about her cooking skills - it was such a joy to have delicious, healthy meals every single day. So grateful.
Michelle - Singapore

This is my second visit and has been even better than the first. I feel I have made progress and am more confident. All as a result of Lucia's patience and well planned lessons. What helps as well as it isn't all work but also trips out in the beautiful countryside along with meeting family and friends. I will be back
Shelagh - UK

Thank you Lucia for your hospitality, knowledge and patience with me as a beginner. I've very much enjoyed the week, our lessons, your lovely food and our trips out. Particularly our visit to Lake Orta which was just beautiful. I will remember the Prince of Ricetto, such a lovely cat and a magnificent village. Thank you again with my very best wishes
Angela - England

Lucia, what a wonderful time I have had in Borgomanero. I've enjoyed seeing all the beautiful places you have so kindly taken me to and you are an excellent tour guide - no need to count my steps with you!! You have been very kind and patient with me - Italian does not come easy! Despite my "blank" looks, you have always encouraged me to go on, and your method of teaching is spot on. I now understand so much more. Thank you so very much for everything.
The "Kiwi" from Singapore - Anne

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