Adopt a Grape Line


Madonna dell'Uva is a family run wine Company in Borgomanero (Piedmont). Four generations have worked and loved the vineyards which, in 2015, allowed them to win a gold medal in the New York International Wine Competition!

adopt a grape line

Adopting a grape line will give you the chance to follow the many processing phases, from grape picking to bottling, in the vineyard itself or through periodic information by e-mail with descriptions, photos and ... why not... some practice in Italian!


By adopting a grape line you will have your own personalized label. A label with your name on it!

adopt a grape line

It would make a most original gift which would be greatly appreciated by any wine lover!

"Someone said that in a glass of wine there is a man's life, for us... there's much more!"

adopt a grape line

Always searching to be innovative with their products they also look for new ways to involve wine lovers to be part of their never ending passion. From here, the idea to give everyone the opportunity to "adopt" a grape line grew.

adopt a grape wine

What type are you?

You can choose which wine line to adopt according to your individual taste!

You like rice, pasta and ham? You enjoy a versatile wine which is light and refreshing? Then Uva Rara is the one for you!

You like meat and salmon? You enjoy a fine and elegant wine with a spicy note? Then go for Vespolina!

You like mature cheese and salami? You enjoy a slightly robust wine with well balanced tannins? Then yours is Croatina!

You like roast and stewed meat but also have a sweet tooth? You enjoy full-bodied wines with a subtle hint of cherry? Then try Nebbiolo!

adopt a grape line

You will receive a numbered membership certificate which will entitle you to six bottles of wine with your personalised label.

Your wine will be ready the following year after the vinification and ageing process are completed.

The subscription is 200.00 euros. Postage is extra.
A discount for renewal.

adopt a grape line