Trip to the Mountains


Toce Waterfalls

With an impressive drop of 143m, the Toce Waterfalls are the fourth highest in Italy and are a favourite destination for nature lovers. In the past the famous Waterfalls were visited and admired by such an illustrious people such as Richard Wagner, Queen Margherita, De Saussure and Stoppani who left enthusiastic descriptions of what had already been called the most beautiful waterfall of the Alps.

A number of trails start from the Toce Falls for the Alpine lakes of the Formazza Valley. The first lake encountered is created by a dam; you can walk right round it along a pleasant track.


The Valsesia Valley

It is the greenest valley of Italy! An unspoiled region with a broad variety of offerings: sports, gastronomy and authentic culture. It starts at the foot of Monte Rosa, the second highest peak in Europe and takes its name from the river Sesia which flows along the valley.

The most important village is Alagna which was originally settled by Walser, a German-speaking population that have lived at the foot of Monte Rosa since the Middle Ages. The whole village is like a living museum of the life and activity of the Walser: their wooden houses built on stone foundations and encircled by the characteristic verandas that, during the spring and summer months, are filled with flowers. One of these houses that has in fact been transformed into the Walser museum which contains typical furniture and household objects, work tools and so on, testimonials to the culture and traditions of this people.


Anybody can try cross-country skiing!

In wintertime the green fields and blue waters are covered by snow. Many ski resorts boast an excellent system of ski lifts and tracks for cross-country ski, ranging from easy to medium to difficult levels.



"We've been to so many different and interesting places that it's hard to pick out one highlight, but lying on top of Mottarone with the sun on our faces and the world at our feet is surely high on the list!"
What one of my guests wrote on Testimonial gives you the exact idea about your feeling when you are on top of Mottarone.

Mottarone is the nearest mountain. It really offers a breathtaking view! Here we can walk, sunbathe, taking wonderful photos and ski in the winter season.
From the top you can admire six lakes and the whole Monte Rosa chain.


Alpe Devero

Larch and fir trees, rivers, lakes, rocks and sky. Nature is queen and king of Alpe Devero. In every season you can appreciate the spectacle that nature offers to visitors.

In summer the green fields, the colours of flowers, the blue and green lakes, fill your heart. Marmots, chamois, eagles and, if you are lucky even the rare bearded vulture will make you company.

In the winter the peace of the snow wraps across the Alps. In the cold season it is possible to appreciate the snowy landscapes, sunlight filtering through the clouds, icy lakes and waterfalls. So 365 days a year Alpe Devero is a real contact with nature.


The Orridi di Uriezzo

The visit to the Uriezzo Gorges is a quiet and pleasant walk that allows you to admire one of the many signs left by the passage of time during the last glaciation, about 14,000 years ago, when a vast expanse of ice covered much of the valley, leaving out only the highest peaks.


Thermal Baths of Premia

...and after a walk in the summer or a ski run in winter, on our way back home, we can stop at the Thermal Centre at Premia, one of the most important in Upper Piedmont, which rises high among the mountains: a beneficial resort offering therapeutic treatments. Premia Terme represents a unique opportunity to regain an ideal physical condition, well-being and relaxation by putting oneself in the hands of nature and her most precious gift: water.
The hyperthermal hot water at Premia possesses sulphate-lime features and is particularly indicated for therapy of chronic ailments of the respiratory system, rheumatism and arthrosis, psoriasis and diskeratosis in general.
Premia Terme offers outdoor and indoor thermal pools. Exciting circuits are available with Jacuzzi and hydro-jet, besides the pleasant common areas where it is possible to stop and have a chat and relax in the hospitable surroundings. Premia Terme is also equipped with a modern wellness centre including different kinds of saunas and Turkish baths which complete a wellness package dedicated to relaxation, tranquillity and "getting into shape".
I can assure you that enjoying the hot water in a pool surrounded by snow is really wonderful!

The cost is not included in the package

I could show you many other photos of wonderful places but I don't want to deprive you of the pleasure of discovering them!