I enjoyed 3 weeks with Lucia after many years of dreaming of an immersion in the Italian language and culture. She is a very good teacher and expert in grammar. I admit I was probably a challenging student trying to learn the difference between passato prossimo and imperfetto. Lucia's hospitality was beyond expectation. The apartment was very comfortable and private with my own bedroom and bath, the meals delicious and nutritious, the spring water was delicious, and the outings were fabulous. I fell in love with this area of Italy.
Cheryl - Pennsylvania - USA

Two years ago as I made plans to visit Lucia for lessons in Italian COVID hit. So for the next two years I received lessons from her through Skype. During that time we became friends, I learned so much and I was definitely looking forward to in person lessons. It has been fabulous - more than fabulous. I not only have learned so much more Italian but I have also learned an incredible amount of information about this beautiful area. Our friendship has grown even more. She brought me to so many fantastic and interesting places. I could not have asked for a better vacation or a better learning experience. Friends forever!!
Renée - Mendocino CA

Dear Lucia, my husband and I can never thank you enough for the wonderful experience we had with you. Under your tutelage, and with your incredible patience, we have reached a comfort level in Italian that makes us very happy. In addition, we thoroughly enjoyed our daily excursions with you to all the interesting and beautiful places nearby in the Lake District. And your cuisine - absolutely delicious. We miss you, we miss our activities with you, and we look forward to another stay with you as soon as we can!
Carol & Roger USA

Dear Lucia, thank you very much for making the last five days so pleasurable. You are a very easy person to be with. Staying with a complete strange is quite worrying, but we need not have been worried. Your patience, skills as a teacher and guide and friendly temperament has made this a memorable and satisfying start to our summer 2019 in Italy! Grazie
Carol & Jeff - England

I turn 50 next week and as a gift to myself, I decided to come to Italy for a week-long emersion program. My experience with Lucia's program has far exceeded my expectations. I have enjoyed learning the beautiful language through multiple formats - formal lessons or grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension and engaging conversation with Lucia and some of the locals. Another beautiful part of this program is the exposure to Italian culture and visits to neighboring sites. The culture is fascinating and gives you context to the language. Lucia has been an incredible hostess, teacher and friend and has made this experience truly memorable. I plan to continue learning Italian with Lucia after I leave. Lucia, grazie di tutto! Arrivederci
Vinod - California

I don't know where to begin! This past week with you has allowed me to not only advance my language skills, but to experience life in Italy as an Italian (if only honorary!) Your lessons are designed in a way that allows one to learn so much in a short period of time. They combine and compound on one another, providing the reinforcement one needs. I especially appreciated my lesson on the train to Torino! Lessons aside, our trips together were absolutely amazing - Lago d'Orta (my absolute favourite), Torino (don't go on Tuesday - many museums are closed!), Milano, and various outings around Lago Maggiore. I loved that everything was tailored to my interests.
If teacher and tour guide were not enough, you were also a fantastic hostess. I felt at home immediately. Everything I could have possibly needed was provided for me (including the panettone!)
Thank you for allowing me to spend time with your family as well - un caffè with your daughter, dinner with both of your children, pizza with your sister - they all added to the experience.
I appreciated our conversations on life, work and politics. I leave Italy tomorrow having made a new friend. I hope I am able to return soon so we can enjoy this beautiful area together in the warmth! A presto e grazie mille.
Jessica - Massachusetts

Dear Lucia, it has been a very intense learning experience for me. Every minute was full of so much information. My brain is saturated. The experience is only the beginning of my learning, it now will continue and I will write you so you can see I have learned so much from you. Thank you so much.
Gail - USA

Lucia, I am so pleased to have been able to return to you. I have had a truly memorable stay. Lots of wonderful trips and lots of lovely food etc. It was great meeting your friends and I shall never forget the fantastic concerts we went to. Your son must make you very proud. Thank you so very much for All your cure. I feel so at home with you and want you to know how grateful I am to have had so many hours of study. Although I know I am incredibly lazy with my spoken Italian - I hate getting it wrong!! - I know my understanding or spoken language has improved amazingly and my written Italian flows more easily. MILLE grazie per tutti. You are a lovely friend and I hope to return one day for another visit - age permitting!! However, your mother makes me feel that I could also have many more years ahead of me so 'Hope springs eternal! Just remember ... no more mountaineering for me! I shall remember the Vintebbio caper!
Avril - England

Lucia, what a wonderful time I have had in Borgomanero. I've enjoyed seeing all the beautiful places you have so kindly taken me to and you are an excellent tour guide - no need to count my steps with you!! You have been very kind and patient with me - Italian does not come easy! Despite my "blank" looks, you have always encouraged me to go on, and your method of teaching is spot on. I now understand so much more. Thank you so very much for everything.
The "Kiwi" from Singapore - Anne

This is my second visit and has been even better than the first. I feel I have made progress and am more confident. All as a result of Lucia's patience and well planned lessons. What helps as well as it isn't all work but also trips out in the beautiful countryside along with meeting family and friends. I will be back
Shelagh - UK

Thank you Lucia for your hospitality, knowledge and patience with me as a beginner. I've very much enjoyed the week, our lessons, your lovely food and our trips out. Particularly our visit to Lake Orta which was just beautiful. I will remember the Prince of Ricetto, such a lovely cat and a magnificent village. Thank you again with my very best wishes
Angela - England

Thank you so much, Lucia. Grazie Tantissimo! Lucia has incredible patience and years of experience teaching individuals from all over the world. She is warm and welcoming, truly sincere and always willing to share her genuine thoughts about people, topics and beliefs. As long as you are an amenable person, she is happy to discuss anything - and agree to disagree. Even though (I consider myself) rather impatient, perfectionistic and particular, she adapted to my learning needs and interests. This included:
- studying the pronunciation of opera arias and 17th century italian songs
- creating or finding a resource for prepositions upon request
- visiting the Opera House of BOTH Milano and Torino
- having dinner at a most wonderful "una stella" restaurant, even when it doesn't fully get with her life philosophy or personal beliefs
- allowing me to meet her friend (who is a primary school teacher) over wine, even when my Italian is still troppo orribile(!!!)
She is too humble about her cooking skills - it was such a joy to have delicious, healthy meals every single day. So grateful.
Michelle - Singapore

The week has flown by. I have visited interesting places and been shown endless patience as I made the same mistakes yet again! Nothing is too much trouble for Lucia as she makes you so welcome. I really appreciate that as it must have been difficult with you not feeling well. It has been a wonderful experience - which I hope to repeat in the future.
Shelagh - UK

Lucia, you have changed my life! I came to hear a little Italian (you were very patient with a poor student!), but I have learnt much, much more. You are a wonderful teacher and guide and I have enjoyed every minute of my time spent with you. Visits to the lakes, mountains, shopping, cooking (watching you!) and everything we experienced was "perfetto". I will remember all my life. Grazie Lucia xxx
Celia - Kent, England

Everything that everyone else has said is true. Lucia is a gifted teacher who never gives up. She has amazing energy and patience and is truly interested to see progress. She never missed a single opportunity to teach me or to help me. I have had a wonderful week. The area is great and so beautiful. Honestly nothing could have been better! I hope that I will return again, I have learned so much! Thank you for all of your efforts and kindness. I will remember this special week always.
Jane - GB

Lucia, this has been a fantastic experience for me. At the outset I doubted I would make much progress, having no italian to begin with. Yet today at lunch with your friends I managed to (more or less) hold a conversation and understand even more. So I regard that as a huge success. The icing on the cake was the effort you made to make me feel so welcome and at ease and to include me in your life for three weeks. I so enjoyed our walks! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place and those who follow me here will have a charming guide to bring it all to life. Finally, many thanks for introducing me to your local recipes. They were delicious. I hope the sun shines for the rest of your summer. All the best.
Frances - GB

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