Learn Italian and enjoy your holiday with my family

My name is Lucia and I will be glad to give you one-to-one, personalized Italian language tuition while living in my home as a member of the family. I can host a single student or a couple

Everybody knows that the best way to learn a language is by living in the country where it is spoken. And surely living in your teacher's home is beyond comparison!

From the very first moment when I meet my guest at the airport the "lesson" starts! Oh, no, don't worry, unless your level is already good, I will only start introducing Italian words little by little, but always within the context of the actual situation. This helps the memory process!

Hosting guests and teaching them Italian is my only job, therefore you'll have the whole day to learn Italian. You will be corrected and encouraged all day long, during meals, on trips, at meetings with friends.

When you learn a language, like learning to swim or ski or anything else you like doing, in my opinion, the first thing to do is to proceed like a child and take the first steps without worrying about making mistakes. Children never worry about such things and they are indifferent to other people's opinions, they just "do it". When we learn we are like children, who are just starting to walk or talk! Forget about "fare una brutta figura" (making a bad impresson), just try, and I will be there to help you! When I say this to my beginners, I see them immediately starting to relax! I know that when you come to Italy you don't only want to study, you also want to have fun! There are so many beautiful places to see!

In my home there is no timetable - I like to adapt myself to my guest's needs. There is just one rule: Relax!


I have a daughter, 42, and a son, 39. They live on their own but they are always friendly with my guests. They are both artists, Mara works with animals, loves singing and makes craftworks, Roby runs a theatre and his own Music Art Academywhere he teaches acustic guitar.



I live in Borgomanero. It is not very big (20,000 people) but it offers a varied and more than adequate shopping facility where visitors can enjoy, sitting in one of many coffee bars, the Italian lifestyle.

The town in crossed by a small river so there are also four bridges. There are frequent live performances during the summer months, and an endless list of social activities for all tastes.

The area surrounding the town is very beautiful and green. Orta and its lake are 10 km. away and Arona, on Lake Maggiore, 11 km. We can reach the mountains in one hour by car or visit a beautiful natural reserve. My apartment is a ten minutes' walk from the centre of the town and it is very peaceful. The students will have their own private bedroom and private bathroom.

mmmmm borgo

mmmmmmmFriday Street market



Teaching Qualifications and Experiences: Diploma Superiore Traduttori Interpreti (1975), swimming-pool life-guard (1994), tourist operator (1995). Long experience as a translator and a teacher of English and Italian languages.

Hobbies and interests: Sports (cycling, swimming, walking), music, sewing, reading.

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I will reply immediately, but if you do not receive a reply in two days' time, please write again!


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